Divorce Rituals

A Divorce Ritual is not something well understood in our culture.  If we get married, of course our intention is to stay with the person for the rest of our lives.  However, I know from painful experience that this doesn’t always happen.  Ending a marriage or long-term relationship is a powerful transition, but it does not have to be full … Read More

A Divorce Ritual

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This year in my work as a celebrant I have had the great pleasure of presiding over two weddings and a civil partnership, all joyful and memorable occasions, and relationships I have faith in. However, much as we want to believe in ‘happy ever after’, sometimes a relationship comes to an end, just as a life ends, and if this … Read More


“Healing is a journey the client embarks upon, not a procedure the healer performs” Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. We all deserve to be vibrant, creative and energetic.  But sometimes life is difficult.  Especially if . . . You are going through a transition, like pregnancy, moving house or a divorce. You feel lost or stuck and don’t know how to find yourself … Read More

Books & Articles

 My first book is Birthrites, Rituals and Celebrations for the Child-bearing Years.  Wanting to explore rituals and rites of passage, I started off thinking I would write one book covering having babies, getting married, funerals and everything else.  Ten years later, the having babies part had grown into a book in  its own right, and the other books are still … Read More


Whether you are looking for a celebrant for a wedding, funeral or baby naming, or someone to help you through a transition in your life, I am an experienced and sensitive guide.  I can create and hold a unique ceremony for you, or I can support you to create your own.  I also teach workshops on creating ceremony. “Making ritual is like … Read More


There are various strands to my work; that’s why I like the image of the spider’s web.  The spiral thread that connects everything together is intuition, the teaching that comes from within.  Whether it is song-writing, working with a group or creating a ceremony, it is my intuition that guides me. Biography I started out with an English degree at … Read More