“Healing is a journey the client embarks upon, not a procedure the healer performs” Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.


We all deserve to be vibrant, creative and energetic.  But sometimes life is difficult.  Especially if . . .

  • You are going through a transition, like pregnancy, moving house or a divorce.
  • You feel lost or stuck and don’t know how to find yourself again.
  • You are struggling with an old repeating behaviour pattern, or recurring illness.

At times like these, you need extra support.  I offer a space for deep listening, and respectful holding. Within this confidential, held space, there is a possibility for uncovering the root causes of issues, and finding release and renewal.  My approach is holistic.  I treat you as a whole person, and see the body’s expression of illness as an effect of your mental, emotional and spiritual condition.

Being a human has been difficult for thousands of years, and we live in a time of intense change and challenge.  Some of the healing techniques I practise are from ancient shamanic traditions, which have been kept secret for many generations, but shared now because of great need.  As we take responsibility for our own healing and unfolding, we do great service to other humans, our ancestors and the earth.

I currently work from a therapy centre in East Oxford.  Sessions last one and half hours.  Please feel free to get in touch for a free confidential phone conversation to see if it feels right to work together. Tel: 07984 154203.


What do you do?

Whilst each session is unique, it often follows a pattern.   The first part is discovering the issue. I listen with my ears to the words you bring, but also with my hands to the indications your body gives, (as you lie down, fully clothed under a blanket) and with my intuition, to the stories beneath. With gentle awareness, and questions, I open a possibility for you to discover more about yourself than your conscious mind knows.

The second part is clearing the energetic blockage in some way. You will normally be actively involved in this part, using your voice, hands and imagination, so that you can be empowered to clear old unhelpful patterns yourself.

The third part is restoring wholeness by bringing in pure vibrations of sound and light. This is more of a passive experience of simply receiving beauty. Often I will sing a blessing song to conclude.

Having said that, it depends on you. Some sessions happen in silence, just with hands on the body. And some are more like a joint storytelling or journey. Healing is a process, which unfolds in its own way, as and when you are ready.

What can it help with?

Anyone can benefit from this form of energy healing. A session can restore balance, increase vitality, bring deep comfort and enhance wellbeing. Shamanic healing is particularly helpful in getting quickly to the root causes of persistent or recurring illnesses, and clearing emotional baggage, without getting stuck in the head, or needing to go over traumatic incidents.

I have recently worked with people on these issues:

  •  unresolved childhood emotional issues
  •  childhood sexual abuse
  •  bereavement
  •  moving on from a relationship
  •  grief and guilt after a long ago abortion
  •  exhaustion / lack of energy / motivation
  •  preparing for surgery

My Training

Since 2014 I have been offering one to one sessions as a shamanic practitioner, using techniques from ancient traditions, primarily from the Andes, combined with my intuitive healing gifts.

I hold a Practitioner Certificate in healing and the Shamanic Arts from Shamanka, (School of Shamanic Training for Women, based in Dorset), with whom I am currently completing my Advanced studies. I have been privileged to receive teachings and initiation into the Inka lineage, via Eliana Harvey, whose many teachers included Alberto Villoldo.

Prior to this, I trained for a year with Danu Fox on her Earth Singers programme, and have also studied with Chris Luttichau from Northern Drum.

My foundation as a healer comes from a Advanced Diploma in Drama and Movement Therapy at Sesame Institute, which I gained with distinction in 1994. I also hold an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage.

I draw on many years’ work as a musician and storyteller, and a regular practice of meditation, all of which have taught me to tune into the promptings of my inner ear, and travel in the inner worlds. My singing voice and my intuition are my most favoured tools.

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