photo by Helen Edwards



Pregnancy is a big time of change, internally as well as externally, especially if it’s your first baby. It can be a challenging time for the father too.  Meditation and visualisations help you to focus on what is really important: gathering your inner strength, and preparing a space to welcome a new soul into your family.  There are many useful ideas and support for all stages of the pregnancy journey in my book: Birthrites.  If you would like to gather a small group together, or arrange some private sessions, please contact me.

Mother Blessings

Amidst all the practical preparations for welcoming a new member of the family, a Mother Blessing provides a time of deep inner preparation for birth and the journey ahead. It’s a time to gather trusted friends around and gather the resources needed to approach birth in a calm and positive state of mind.  Giving birth is a heroic deed – you deserve to be celebrated and blessed!

Private healing sessions

You can also come to see me privately if you have experienced losses or traumatic incidents in the past such as miscarriage or a pregnancy termination, even if this was long ago.  Healing sessions can clear the imprint of trauma from the womb, leaving the space clear for new creativity.

To explore whether any of these might be for you, please contact me.