Half Term Storytelling at The Story Museum

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I will be telling stories about animals from all around the world every day in half term, Sat 13th Feb – Friday 19th Feb, from 11am – 1pm at The Story Museum, Oxford.  This is part of their new ANIMAL exhibition, which will be wonderful! As part of this exhibition, my novelist sister, Nicky Singer, is also going to be … Read More

A New Story for Halloween

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This Summer I went to the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall, (http://www.museumofwitchcraft.com/) and left full of emotion.  The museum is a bewildering hotchpotch of Wicca, Druidry, Astrology, historical fact and cultural references, plus a case of instruments of torture.  It was these that made most impact on me.  Whatever ill may have been done by witchcraft (and I don’t … Read More

A Storytelling Course

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What does it take to be a storyteller?  Yesterday I was at a children’s centre with my freelance storytelling hat on.  I had prepared my stuff, but it still felt like a bit of blag to be paid money for sitting on a carpet with a bunch of under 5’s romping through The Gingerbread Man.  Then I sat with a … Read More