On Women and Horses

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Since creating my one-woman show, Rhiannon Unbridled, I’ve been thinking a lot about women and horses.  Why is it that so many girls get wildly enthusiastic about ponies at a certain age?  What is the connection between the way we control horses with bridle and bit, and the way men have sometimes tried to control women’s voices – witness the … Read More

A New Story for Halloween

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This Summer I went to the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall, (http://www.museumofwitchcraft.com/) and left full of emotion.  The museum is a bewildering hotchpotch of Wicca, Druidry, Astrology, historical fact and cultural references, plus a case of instruments of torture.  It was these that made most impact on me.  Whatever ill may have been done by witchcraft (and I don’t … Read More

Adventurous Mothering

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Welcome to my new venture! This blog is about entering deeply into the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives.  It’s also about what it means – as I experience it – to be alive in 2012, at this point in the evolution of humanity on an abundant yet fragile planet.  It is about the mother, and … Read More