What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing is a form of energy medicine which has been practised all over the world for thousands of years.  It works on the understanding that mind and body are one, and that everything is composed of light, energy or vibration.

When we are well, we have a sense of peace, empowerment and communion with all life, and able to meet the ordinary challenges that come our way.  When something disrupts or intrudes upon our energy body, we lose power and connection to life; we begin to feel unwell in mind or in body.  This can be any kind of shock or trauma, from childhood or in later life.  We also carry the unhealed traumas from our parents and ancestors (which is another way of saying inherited patterns and disease).

Shamanic healing focusses on locating the source of an energy blockage or intrusion, however long ago it occurred, and working with the client to  release this, ready to fill up with pure bright energy that restores our vitality.

Do I need to believe anything to benefit?

No.  Shamanism is a world view not a religion.  It honours the whole of life as one energetic web, in which we, the stars, the animals, our ancestors and everything is connected.  Not unlike quantum physics, in which matter equals energy.

My aim to create a safe environment for healing that feels right for you.  At the start of the session I call in the ‘Directions’, asking for assistance from the powers of the universe in the South, West, North and East.  If you have a relationship with a spiritual being, I will gladly include them in my opening.  If not, that is fine.  Some people mention a beloved ancestor, whose presence or memory can be called upon to assist.

What techniques do you practise?

I like to look at healing in terms of the person and the journey of the session rather than a particular technique.  However, I do practise the following:

Power Animal Journeys

Soul Retrieval

Parent Child Healing Ritual


Cutting the Ties


Death Rites (and funerals)

Mother Blessings

Rituals for healing the wounds of miscarriage and / or pregnancy termination

How many sessions do I need?

It depends.  In some cases one session is all that’s needed to give your some support when you need it.   For an ongoing complaint, we may uncover more during a series of sessions, where trust is built up and the work can go deeper.   Some people like to come regularly to keep up their energy and maintain themselves well.

In some cases, it can take time to integrate the material that comes up in a session, and a further session(s) may be needed to ground and complete the healing process.

Can I see a shamanic practitioner and a doctor at the same time?

Yes.  In many cases, approaching an illness from two angles has good effects.  A shamanic healing can support a medical intervention by clearing the original trauma that has led to the physical symptom.  The medical doctor is looking to fix the symptoms.  We are looking to find the story behind the symptom, and ideally to clear the imprints of illness so that it doesn’t reoccur.

What drew you to learn about shamanic healing?

Like most big decisions in my life, this was not a rational choice but an inner calling.  In many ways, I was already on this path via Drama and Movement Therapy, through the songs I wrote whilst on retreat, and through my growing work as a celebrant.

The role of the Shaman / Shamanka (woman shaman) is the role of doctor, priest, artist and psychotherapist rolled into one, with one foot in the material world and one in the world of spirit, imagination and dream.  I’ve always been like this.  A training and initiation into the Shamanic arts has helped me to use my gifts for good, and not be overwhelmed by them.  Our psychiatric institutions are full of potential shamans, as are our history books littered with the early deaths of artists, overwhelmed by their inner worlds and unable to live in the material world for long.  Either of these fates could have been mine.  I am grateful for all the guidance I’ve received that has held me through difficult times and set me instead on a path as a healer.

What if I have other questions?

If you are one of those people whose mind needs to be satisfied before you can relax, I relate to that – so am I!  You are welcome to ask a question at any time, before, during or after a session and I will do my best to answer.

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