Women – do you long to connect with your core power, through body, imagination and intuition?

il_fullxfull.170217419In the last few years, I have been running workshops called, Calling Up the Wild Woman in Oxford, East Sussex and Gloucestershire.

These day workshops are designed to  uncover what our lives – and our world – could be like if we were more alive in our bodies, powerfully connected to earth, and to each other.  If we knew and trusted our own wild nature. If we were able to speak with our authentic voices.
Working with movement, voice and a story, Singing over the Bones, (one of the tales from Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ seminal book, Women who Run with the Wolves) we explore these questions, and call up our inner wild woman.  The day is playful and creative, possibly transformational.


“I want to say a massive thank you from my depths for what took place that day. It is VERY powerful work and deeply transformational. I feel honoured to have been a part of it and am excited for what Jackie will be gifting the world with in the coming moons! In the workshop- I was the Flesh, growing back over the bones of the wolf…. And it was through the true inner song that grew me back on them bones. It was an incredible strengthening lesson to literally EMBODY.” Sara

I wrote a blog about the first of these workshops here.

If you would like to make a workshop happen near you, please contact me!  If you can book a venue and get a group of women together, I would be delighted to come.

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