A good funeral, held with compassion and generosity, can make all the difference in adjusting to losing a loved one.  I offer a bespoke service to create a ceremony incorporating the elements that are right for you and your family.  I work hard to find the words that open to the mystery of death, whilst respecting the range of beliefs about life and death amongst the mourners.


Jackie made it possible to have the most beautiful celebration and final parting. Jackie’s warm and compassionate yet authoritative manner won everyone’s respect and made everyone feel welcome. Jackie made it possible for strangers to meet each other and feel emotionally safe. She listened intently to me talk about dad and so talked about him in a very respectful, moving and accurate way.  I believe all this has had a significant influence on my family’s grieving process. My two teenage children and my husband and mother all found the ceremony held them emotionally. I was very proud of the ceremony, and I know that dad would have felt very proud, and that has been very important to me.” JD


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